“Dexterity Consult has been on the forefront of delivering real-time capacity to organizations in Ghana and abroad through practical training and hands-on application of business improvement methodologies. We believe their services will be of immense benefit to your organization and hope that you would work with them to grow your business.”


“As a Management/Strategy Consultant, customer focused business improvement and market development projects form a great part of my work and Dexterity’s Six Sigma GB & BB Certification has given me a comprehensive knowledge of the latest tools and techniques to undertake impactful hands-on projects to achieve significant improvements in the customer experience and profits of my clients. Dexterity’s SS GB& BB Training and Certification modules are practical and hands-on, which helps participants to leverage on the tools of Lean and Six Sigma to remove defects from their system thus saving time, money and delivering products to customers on time.”

“Daniel epitomizes “Dexterity”. His knowledge of subject matter and mode of delivery is phenomenal and characteristic of someone with years of practical experience. He is the go-to person should any organization or individual require training or consultancy in Quality Management, Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma. Do not look beyond the borders of Ghana for such services with Daniel and Dexterity Consult around.”


“Daniel is a ‘fixer for excellence’. His agility in Supply Chain and Lean Six-Sigma is synonymous with his Organization aptly named Dexterity. Their training and certification has provided the requisite knowledge in improving my Supply Chain Management best practices. I do highly recommend him/them as a teacher, trainer, mentor and partner for growth towards excellence.”


“Lean Six Sigma Green Belt plays a crucial role in achieving total quality in organisation through the use of tested problem solving tools and techniques. Dexterity teaches and prepares individuals and organisations to implement the principles, practices and techniques of Lean Six Sigma. I passed the ASQ CSSGB exams on my first take.”


“I needed new direction; I needed new focus for the team. Dexterity Consult partnered with me to bring focus and dynamism to the team, the interesting part of our week-long training was with techniques and tools for process improvement that were shared. My team still uses most of the tools in their everyday work. Their services have been very beneficial to my organization.”

Focus and Dynamism

“Customer-centric business efficiency” is a must-have in today’s competitive business environment.

Lean, Six Sigma and SOLVE™ provide the philosophies/principles, practices and tools required to drive efficiency and bridge the gap between the As-Is and Desired/Target states. Daniel is an incredible source of knowledge and expertise for LSS training and deployment. His work ethic is admirable over and above high levels of creativity and attention to detail. My experience working with him on a number of projects has been very insightful and rewarding. He comes highly recommended for any organisation serious about significantly elevating customer experience and profitability.


“Daniel has mastery over the subject matter of Lean Six Sigma and equips you to appreciate this in a very practical way. He demonstrates its link to how your business can increase revenue and reduce cost. These two elements are critical for business success. If you are looking to improving your business processes, He will guide you with the right steps to take to make this change possible, he also has a good sense of humor and makes his classes interactive and practical for adult learners.”

Increase Revenue

“After working first hand with Daniel Adjepong, it was clear to see that he is a born problem-solver and his passion for Six Sigma is truly a pleasure to witness. Daniel is a leader in his field and I would hire him in the blink of an eye to train my staff.  Dexterity can only go from strength to strength with a man of this calibre leading from the front.”

Problem Solver

“The Six Sigma Course has equipped me with techniques and tools for process improvement and to take service quality to the next level. It provides a unique way to scientifically appraise the level of quality in a process and makes it easier to monitor progress of remediation.”

Process Improvement

“After going through the Six Sigma course with Daniel as trainer, it has strongly equipped me with tools and techniques to perform excellent process improvement and understanding of the concept of Total Quality Management in Operations. We also had an opportunity to go through a deep dive into the 5S methodology as part of our Lean Management initiative and this has really changed the way of work of my team and has had a big impact on factory safety improvement. I recommend Daniel (Dexterity Consult) as a strong and versatile instructor and a change agent. Hence, let’s all benefit from his experience.”

Total Quality Management

“Daniel’s mastery of the subject matter and his method of delivery is excellent, I recommend him without reservations as a highly capable and experienced Six Sigma trainer and practitioner.”

Highly Capable