This course is designed for people both in the Public and Private Sector. This course has been divided into two (2). They are Corporate Social Responsibility and International Environmental Law. Most people especially those in the Public Sector are tempted to think that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the name rightly suggests is for only Corporate Institutions or those in the Private Sector.

The Public Sector also has a major role to play when it comes to CSR. Many Corporate Institutions are also very much limited in scope when it comes to what CSR is all about. Many at times, many organizations are tempted with full service packages by the process of the Emergency home solutions to think that Sponsorship and CSR are the same even though they are not. It is in view of this that this 5 day module has been designed to enlighten the Public Sector with respect to how CSR concerns them and to also empower the Private Sector for them to know the importance of CSR and how it can give them a competitive advantage.

International Environmental Law is also another important aspect of the module as it is designed to enlighten both the Private Sector and the Public Sector with regards to laws that govern the environment and how they need to be guided by those laws to enable them do business by being environmentally friendly.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  • What is CSR (Definitions)
  • History of CSR
  • Theories of CSR
  • Creating Shared Value
  • Business Case
  • CSR Strategy & Engagement within Companies
  • Public Sector CSR
  • Challenges of CSR
  • Effectively Communicating CSR
  • Global Best Practices
  • Developing a CSR Plan/Policy/Strategy

2. International Environmental Law

  •  What is meant by the Environment?
  • The importance of protecting the Environment
  • Why the Environment is a problem of International Concern
  • What International Environmental Law is
  • The role of Law in International Environmental Protection
  • The Legal implications of Sustainable Development
  • The Principles of Global Environmental Responsibility
  • Prevention of Pollution and Environmental Harm
  • Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources