Lean Operations is based upon the principle of eliminating waste at all levels throughout the organisation. This module reviews the skills and techniques required to analyse systems and to design improved methods and layouts. It will use value stream mapping to understand and appraise the current state. Future state mapping will be used to develop a vision of value added flow.

The focus of this module will be on the application of the techniques through case studies and industrial experience, and will identify the benefits to be gained by their successful implementation.

  • The need for change (Current industrial requirements, practitioner thinking, people issues).
  • Lean methodologies (Toyota production system, Ford production system, Lean thinking steps).
  • Waste identification and elimination technique (7 wastes, Pareto, product flow analysis, string diagrams, cluster analysis, non- value added analysis, Single minute exchanged of die (SMED)).
  • Value stream mapping (Current state mapping, future state mapping and implementation plans).
  • Lean technique (Line balancing, Yamazumi boards, 5S, Poka Yoke, kanban, visual controls).
  • Standardised work (Standard operations, capacity charts, walk diagrams).
  • Cellular design (Flow lines, Nagare cells, standard cells, work allocation, cell layout)