This module complements module D and considers the entire product development process from its fuzzy front-end (need-finding, concept design) through concept specification, embodiment, detailed design to production and beyond. During each stage of the process the interactions and conflicting requirements between marketing, design and manufacture will be highlighted.

The focus of the module is placed upon how the company’s business strategies need to balance the customer’s expectations with internal functional requirements and with business profitability.

It aims to enable the student to assess the impact of forces, both internal and external, national and international, on organisations and their business strategy. Also to evaluate strategic risks associated with the product introduction process and thence through to product deletion and recycling.

  • Company strategy (Strategic level decision making which supports the product introduction process; Product lifecycle considerations; Evaluation and assessment of priorities and trade-off management).
  • Marketing (Structured methodologies for assessing market needs via research and gauging customer requirements; Formulation of order-winning criteria for each product or service).
  • Design (Assessment of product development processes, QFD, FMEA, Design for X suite of tools; Product lifecycle planning; Design for sustainability and recycling, etc.).
  • Manufacturing (Understanding the need for manufacturing constraints: physical, environment and financial; Key stages or gateways in the new product introduction process).