The right product, at the right time, the right price, quality and cost are aims of a successful manufacturing business. In order to achieve these aims, companies must coordinate and synchronize the procurement of their materials, both in-house and through their supply chain. Further data must also be integrated into the system to support sales, the product, manufacture, finance and resources. This module aims to demonstrate the techniques available for production planning and scheduling which enable a company to coordinate inputs from sales and marketing, the supply chain and manufacturing to produce effective schedules.

  • The hierarchy of production planning and scheduling system in a company.
  • Scheduling technique.
  • Forward, finite, backward, infinite, theory of constraint, demonstration of PREACTOR software.
  • Company level control systems.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP, Manufacturing Resource planning (MRPII).
  • Capacity analysis (Capacity calculations, tact time manufacturing simulation).
  • Kanban design (Multi-product kanban management game, milk round design).
  • Local production Control Techniques (Visual controls, line of balance, mixed model schedule by constraint, performance measures).
  • Future state mapping (Value stream mapping a future state to demonstrate information links from the customer to the supplier and to the manufacturer).