Monitoring is the systematic, regular collection and occasional analysis of information to identify and possibly measure changes over a period of time. Evaluation is the analysis of the effectiveness and direction of an activity and involves making a judgment about the progress and impact.

The main differences between monitoring and evaluation are the timing and frequency of observations and the types of questions asked. However, when monitoring and evaluation are integrated as a project management tool, the line between the two becomes rather blurred.

Participatory monitoring and evaluation is the joint effort or partnership of two or more stakeholders (such as researchers, farmers, government officials, extension workers, etc.) to monitor and evaluate, systematically, one or more research or development activities.

  • Project Management Overview
  • The concept of effective Project M & E
  • Setting project objectives & targets that facilitates effective M & E
  • Project M & E Methods and tools
  • Results-based M & E
  • Participatory M & E
  • Logical Framework Analysis (LFA)
  • Using MS Project for Monitoring Projects
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • M & E Project and People Performance
  • Collecting, analyzing and storing M & E information
  • Communicating and Reporting M & E findings