The Yellow Belt course provides an overview of the basic principles and explains the tools used for Lean Six Sigma. The course is tailored to give you an awareness of the techniques needed to run successful LSS business improvement projects.

At the end of this module, you will appreciate the LSS D-M-A-I-C project management process and the tools and techniques to be applied at each of the phases.

This 5-day course will suit:

  • Anyone who needs a thorough understanding of what Lean Six Sigma is, and how it works in practice without yet requiring the more advanced tools.
  • Members of project teams, project sponsors or those who need to learn about the everyday tools of Six Sigma and Lean.
  • Leaders considering embarking on a Lean and/or Six Sigma strategy.
  • Departments or organizations that have been charged with implementation but do not have a good understanding of Lean and/or Six Sigma.
  • Managers concerned with the status quo and interested in investigating options for productivity improvement, performance enhancement and organizational changes.
  • This program is also great as a primer for potentially every employee in the organization to understand the LSS methodology that their company is embarking on.

The course includes practical training on the most commonly used Six Sigma and Lean tools. On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Work effectively as members of Lean Six Sigma DMAIC and Kaizen projects.
  • Better appreciate the LSS D-M-A-I-C project management process- and the tools and techniques to be applied at each of the phases.


  • Intro to Biz Improvement Frameworks
  • LSS Overview
  • Lean Overview
  • Six Sigma Overview
  • The Integrated Body of Knowledge


This course has a definite applied focus, making it much more valuable to those with an imperative to solve specific problems or make product, process and business innovations in real organizations on a more pervasive scale.

Delegates get to learn in a focused workshop environment—complete with interactive lecture, practice exercises for each and every tool, enlightening simulations and individualized mentoring on your real problems and challenges.

Delegates are encouraged to bring problems and contradictions from their organizations to class, where highly experienced Lean Six Sigma masters provide specific guidance and consulting.

Download: pdf-icon Yellow Belt Brochure