Innovation is a key matter for any company that pursues long-term success and continuous growth in a competitive environment. How to innovate does not only determine your future growth, customer satisfaction and market share, it can also strongly decide whether your company will stay in business over the next decades. Implementing resourceful innovation capabilities in your company will allow you to acquire an ingenious and distinctive market position that your competitors won’t be able to outdo easily.

Innovation is a serious discipline in itself. It doesn’t just happen; it is something that companies purposefully choose to do.  A company that innovates successfully and continually has developed sustainable capabilities, acquired methodologies and has shaped processes and mind-sets of staff and managers.


dexterityThis course is designed to give you a comprehensive overview and elementary experience about the art and discipline of innovation. It helps you to understand the basic principles, strategies, processes and tools of business innovation and will leave you empowered to change your company’s destiny.


dexterity2The Dexterity Innovation Toolbox consists of a number of workshops that train your ability to apply tried and tested innovation methodologies, such as Design Thinking, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving), Business Model Generation, Creativity Techniques, etc.The particular training content can be adjusted according to your needs.


dexterity2This course strengthens your ability to manage innovation projects successfully. It focuses on project management techniques and important facts that managers of innovation and product development projects should know. This course is designed to give a comprehensive overview on the subject in order to empower the participants to choose the right approach for their innovation projects. We however offer in-depth trainings in particular project management techniques such as agile development or ‘stage-gate’ on request as well.

The Dexterity Innovation Programme is designed to give you a comprehensive overview and experience of effective innovation and business design resources that help CEOs, managers, and staff to develop strategic and operational insight into the discipline of corporate innovation as well as to learn how to deploy innovation and business design tools so as to set up and perform successful innovation processes.

We explain and reflect matters of strategic innovation management, the importance of mind-sets for innovation problem solving, as well as the general parameters for building up innovative capabilities within your organisation. We introduce and exercise state-of-the-art innovation tools that empower teams and people to learn from best practices and customer experiences in order to develop ingenious solutions designed for the respective market of your company.

Participants will leave this course with a sound understanding of successful strategies and methods for innovation processes as well as with the confidence for real-life application.

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Duration: 4 days
Format: Presentations, exercises, team activities, simulations
Material:  Training slides provided by Dexterity
Preconditions: None

Training Content

Innovation Strategy

  • Understanding innovation
  • Using business modelling for innovation strategy
  • Parameters of innovation strategies
  • Defining the right scope for innovation projects

Building Innovative Capabilities

  • Types of innovation problems
  • Business mind-sets as strategic problem solving instruments
  • Innovation problem solving processes
  • Building creative teams & organisations
  • Overview of innovation tools & methods

Innovation Methods: Exploring Opportunities

  • Learning methods
  • Problem framing methods
  • Ideation methods
  • Prototyping & testing methods

Innovation Methods: Implementing Solutions

  • Evaluating and classifying innovation concepts for implementation
  • Building up innovation portfolios
  • Project management basics for solution implementation

The Dexterity Innovation Toolbox is a comprehensive collection of innovation & business design tools that help managers and teams to create and innovate genuine solutions that solve real-life problems.We offer a diverse range of toolsets of which each has distinctive contributions to offer to your successful dealing with innovation problems. The Dexterity Innovation Toolbox consists of three separate workshop formats, each of them focusing on distinct fields of innovation methodology: a) Design Thinking & Business Modelling, b) Mastering Creativity Techniques, and c) Basic TRIZ.

We also help to find the innovation tools that assist you best within your business’ particular needs and challenges. We help you to create, implement and deploy your company-specific innovation toolbox by offering consultancy, in-house trainings and project facilitation.

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Duration: Depending on the chosen training workshops
Format: Presentations, exercises, team activities, simulations and project facilitation
Material:  Training slides provided by Dexterity
Preconditions: Participation of leadership personnel in DIT1 is recommended.

Training Content

Workshop A: Design Thinking & Business Modelling (4 days)

èLearn Design Thinking methodology developed at one of the world’s most innovative firms – IDEO – that teaches you how to design new products and user experiences through an in-depth understanding of your user and customer groups. We combine this with the training of Alexander Osterwalder’s business model canvas that is globally applied to explore and shape game changing business models.

Workshop B: Mastering Creativity Techniques (2 days)

èLearn to master the most popular and effective creativity techniques. We will tackle two groups of creativity techniques: First, heuristic techniques such as Brainstorming, Brainwriting etc.; second, structured techniques such as Scamper, Slice & Dice, etc. We offer in-depth training of key creativity techniques and empower you to employ and facilitate them in any suitable situation.

Workshop C: Basic TRIZ (5 days)

èTRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is the world’s most popular rationalist creativity methodology. Mastering TRIZ is a long-term endeavour, but everybody can learn how to apply the basic principles of TRIZ successfully. In this workshop, we lay the foundations for the application of TRIZ in your business and help you to bring rigor and system to your innovation processes.

Innovation projects require skilled project managers that can handle both the ambiguity of innovation processes and the rigor of a reliable project management framework. They know how to set goals without suffocating the creativity of the project team and how to evaluate performance without punishing the project teams for unexpected kickbacks or unfulfilled hypotheses. In sum, innovation project managers know how to balance the company’s need for reliability and risk-reduction and the flexibility and openness required by any innovation project.

In this course, participants learn how to manage the different phases of an innovation process successfully – from fuzzy front-end exploration to clear-cut product development, and will get insights in tried and tested project management techniques like the waterfall model and agile product development. This course will equip managers to choose the right approach to handle their innovation projects well.

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Duration: 3 days
Format:    Presentations, exercises, team activities, simulations and project facilitation
Material:  Training slides provided by Dexterity
Preconditions: None


Building Innovation Portfolios

  • Comparing different kinds of innovation
  • Evaluating opportunities and risks of innovation projects
  • Setting your innovation strategy

Understanding Innovation Processes

  • Innovation funnel
  • Peculiarities of the fuzzy-front end
  • Strategic product development approaches

Techniques for Innovation Project Management

  • Milestone-based project development techniques (Stage-Gate, etc.)
  • Agile product development

Shaping the Project Environment

  • Leadership skills for innovation projects
  • Employing creative tools & spaces