Dexterity’s SOLVE™ Operational Excellence Suite is our flagship program targeted mainly at SMEs as a practical approach to business improvements (quality, cost, delivery) and problem solving.

This superb blended learning program is captured in a 3-day training/workshop session where delegates are equipped with the tools, techniques and behavioral skills to manage and deliver significant bottom-line impacts to their organisations through projects. Post-training, our team of experts will coach and support your people to solve real business problems by selecting the process to be fixed and:

  • Stating the problem in SMART terms.
  • Organizing solution toolkits, project teams and problem solving event.
  • Leveraging and leading teams to accept new behaviors, training them in tools to be used and running events.
  • Validating solutions through monitoring and benefits reviews.
  • Establishing new solution(s) as part of day-to-day business.